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Ad hoc credit underwriting via email address and cellphone number rules-of-thumb

by Larry Chiang on July 23, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Credit insight and credit underwriting can be done with off credit report scoring. Email address and cellphone numbers tell us a lot
/1/ email address underwriting.
It’s a complicated way to say: “Does the email match the real name? says I pay my bills at all 3 homes. Larreeeeeeeee@yahoo says I have about 3-5 charge offs and my FICO is below 654. says I work at a 5 person company with no revenue. Chiang9@duck9 says I’m employed and possibly the CEO. looks like I’m impersonating a 42 year old executive.

– Is the email attached to Amazon. This shows the credit applicant can read a book and in theory has bought one. So they’re employable

– is the email attached to fB. This means they went to college. And aren’t embarrassed by their current socio Econ rank. If you’re on fB, you’re happily paying bills and going into small debt posting Vegas birthday pics. FICO 760.

– Is the email attached to something real or can they drop that email address once someone needs $300 from them. 
2/ remember you were thinking about this for the Chinese market and using people’s prepaid cellular service history as a credit predictor.

Ad hoc is free. A real software with API calls is $2mm -$12,000,000. By ad hoc I mean hamster wheeling the back end. By ad hoc I mean stringing together a thing with duct tape like magyver (the tv show)
[ Ad hoc is 90% of the goodness and you don’t need to pay larry Chiang one cent ]
Age of cell phone.
Does the prefix contain an area code. 
What service is the cell phone under
Does the billing zip match the applicant zip code
Can the person answer a text in under a week?
Is the effen cell phone google voice. Because google voice is almost always fraud :-))
What device are you using. Is it paid off or are you doing payments iPhone 9 means you’re friends with Steve Jobs. iPhone 4 says you’re a Jedi in Business Admin
Cell phone prefix block
Was the cellphone ever a landline that was ported.
And a hundred others data splices. Text 650-283-8008 for more.

– what happens when you google the eMail address or Google their cellphone number?

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