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Article from the Future, “What They Don’t Teach in B-School They Teach You at a Cooley Dinner

by Larry Chiang on June 12, 2013

By Larry Chiang 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Cooley dinner was awesome #IBF2013

I’m posting notes I took from Greg, Kevin, Eric, Marty, Diana, Gina and Craig.

Plus two party invites accepted and two given.
The invites I gave were June 19 and July 26. The links are in my Plancast account (Plancast is the company I sold after the VCs had left. )
Notes for me:
Greg — client services and how to on-board 120 companies per month

Kevin — innovating at SXSW w Jan events. Also Cooley’s presence in VA and CO.

Eric — StartX and how Cooley supports there

Marty — a ton. Hardship. Keeping your head. Learning about how Startups is more about the alternative advances versus the strait line, upward progression.

Diana — industry insights from LPs

Gina — progress from marketing a vc fund

and Craig Dauchy on hosting w your partners and doing intros and previewing and doing your own intro. It’s critical that when you host a dinner to do intros. Craig Dauchy heads up the VC practice for Cooley.
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