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by Larry Chiang on September 30, 2012

Hey Larry!!how was class today? I had to go somewhere so couldn’t make it to class. Did he mention anyth important for the midterm? Thanks! Ask a tA. They know way more dan me Right. Wrong txt. U like the proper way an engineer text massages dontcha 😉

Who is this Don’t worry abt it. The txt was a mistake. Who. Is. This. Okay so I have a friend name Larry and that first text was meant for him. I accidentally sent it to the wrong number. So we def don’t know each other and my apology if that text caused u any inconvenience. Let’s just stop here. Thanks. 🙂 Hi Who’s this? Lol Its u! I thought I already explained that we don’t know each other. That txt was a MISTAKE. No mistakes. Only serendipity Come today… Feb 22 6pm VC panel at Stanford

Pre sxsw at Stanford: Feb 22 9pm

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