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Longhorn Startup, First Class August 27, 2015

by Larry Chiang on August 27, 2015

Larry Chiang pre-promotes live events months and months before they occur. With his 09-09-09 book release at New York Fashion Week, What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School made a huge splash in 2009, made the NY Times bestseller list and returned invested capital before the launch. #WTDTYASBS’s distributed at Sundance and SXSW months and months before. As CEO of Duck9, Chaing prepares mentees with high FICO scores months and months before applying for a getting lines of credit. To know what he knows, read what Chaing read: “Ultimate Credit Handbook” and, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School“.

New York Fashion Week is less than 30 days away!!
— Larry Chiang

By Larry Chiang

Longhorn Startup (@LonghornStartup)
First class tonight at 6:30pm in GDC 2.216. Open to all @UTAustin students! @JoshuaBaer explains How to Start STARTING a Company in College.
Joshua Baer (@JoshuaBaer)
Up late getting ready for the first @LonghornStartup class of the semester. 120 students registered (so far). I’m excited! @UTAustin #HookEm



Joshua Baer (@JoshuaBaer)
@BobMetcalfe 120 @LonghornStartup students signed up so far – largest class ever! They will be sitting in the aisle.



Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Done, @JoshuaBaer Re: “crashing industries” #CS178 pre lec essay/ top 35 points.…



Longhorn Startup (@LonghornStartup)
This article says the next Steve Jobs might come from @UTAustin. We think they’re right. Have you applied to LS? |



Rachael Genson (@rmgenson)
@BobMetcalfe @LonghornStartup @JoshuaBaer Is that open to the public? Would be fascinating to listen to!



Bob Metcalfe (@BobMetcalfe)
Tonite @LonghornStartup 6:30 GDC: @JoshuaBaer on how to start a startup. Next week me AMA on Internet Ethernet 3Com InfoWorld Polaris…



Joshua Baer (@JoshuaBaer)



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