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Reverse Engineering Legendary Internships

by Larry Chiang on June 27, 2014

Larry Chiang is a self funded entrepreneur as is his non-employee co-founder. He has a JBA (Jedi in Business Administration) and after a Harvard Business School event, they wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. He taught an entrepreneurship class at Stanford University called Technology Entrepreneurship (ENGR 145) and now teaches us how to close for a legendary internship.


By Larry Chiang

Every legendary result I have created, I can reverse engineer.

Details are important! Learning from peers is important! Hearing me lecture for an hour is like listening to an engineer who sucks at public speaking. Because I am. And I still do stink at public speakng.

But my knowledge of how to get a legendary internship is remarkable.

For example:

It took place Nov 16 at Stanford

There is 40 more min of content at


Please spend 30 minutes now writing down your goal internship. Think legendary summer internship.

Remember, if you want to study abroad, do it spring quarter or winter quarter. Why?! Summer in Silicon Valley is too valuable. Oh, also, book a study abroad stint for after you graduate and before you start working.

If you engineer it all out, you should be able to study abroad twice and have three legendary summer internships.

Oh, this year I am not speaking, but if you and at least two freshman study this stuff, and then email me, I will come eat dinner with you at Stern or something. I usually eat at 5, so text me your email address and I will email you


If you want to take a chance on my email, that floods daily, email “chiang9” @ duck9
dot com.

Here are more undergrads speaking in my place (gawd Im hilarryass because like Tom Sawyer’s fence, I am getting kids to mentor other kids). In short, I took my guest lecture and let other people talk

Lol, it is a 3 minute keynote where I do not even say my own name.

Lol, it is at SWIB where I offered to be admin ass’t to the 400 women. I offered to get speakers email address and cellphone numbers. It was to help activate the theme of the Stanford Women in Business conference, “I don’t know to CEO”.

Lol, here a bunch of undergrads got VCs to pay to pitch! It was called “Reverse VC” and Kevin Xu spoke, John YS spoke and Amy Saper moderated. It was even co-moderated by tech blogger Anthony Ha!!

(If you want to produce something similar, I open sourced #reverseVC under the Larry Chiang Stanford 100% Affiliate Program. This means you keep 100% of what you ‘kill’. It is slang for you keep it all)

Question: Where did you get all this knowledge that you give out. I hear you’re a legend.
LARRY CHIANG: Umm, thx. But I just regurgitate. I got it from my mentor, Mark McCormack. He helped me a lot when I was an undergrad in engineering. It helped me become a millionaire. He helped me a ton. Me, I am just offering to eat with you. Me?! I am just cranking out this blog post that took me 30 min to copy paste, paste and copy.

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