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What Parlay Means to Engineers in Entrepreneurship

by Larry Chiang on June 27, 2014

By Larry Chiang

There is a logjam of startup advice. I gained massive distribution because my advice is geared towards engineers who know how to promote.

Selling is hard.
Engineering is hard.

Setting the bell-curve for both means
– there is nearly no risk
– risk in starting up is eliminated
– gambling is for suckers
– MIT is “Bringing the House Down”
– #RMRMRE (risk mitigation, risk minization, risk elimination)

Conclusion: Parlay means something else to us engineers.

Parlay. Its where you take two risky bets and combine them. You must win both low risk bets to win the parlaid bet.

INSIGHT: We as engineers should parlay two bets we are going to win into a big super win. Parlay. We want to practice entrepreneurship before we start a real startup. Here are some subroutines to dabble, explore, play with and eventually master…
– #djAPI’s.
– #GuaGuaGuacamole
– #mmpQQ (it’s where you get free hotel room for zero money)

I’m in the front row at New York fashion week

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