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Waxing Nostalgic About ENGR 145

by Larry Chiang on June 27, 2014

Larry Chiang has a Jedi in Business Administration, (JBA). After a Harvard Business School event, they wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. He now blogs at Harbus. Why?! Because everything that Stanford used to not teach, they now do teach. In the engineering school!


By Larry Chiang

ENGR 145 summer of 2014 students, it is me Larry Chiang. The stories you hear are not urban legend. E145 students really did amazing and hilarryAss feats. They are all true. Yup, I am the narrator for the legendary ENGR 145 video at

You are now without me, but I have documented all my work, crashings and teachings. In 2010, 2011 and 2012…, legendarily, I…

– Showcased how crashing VC parties was like any startup. You gotta crash an industry.
– Helped E145 students launch at Demo in OCTOBER (officially). #TextMe
– Taught students how to crash Google I/O, sell pizza for $40 to drunk execs and become VIPs at Google IO after crashing it
– Premier at MobileBeat
– Grand Open at TechCrunch with Alexis August 1st, 2014 at August Capital / Josh Constine snickers
– Co-host the UnOfficial TechCrunch AfterParty. August 2 at SilverOak winery. LPs pay for your luxury Gary Bauer bus to Napa #TextMe
– Host LPs Officially.
– Host VCs and get them to pay you to pitch them.
– Make money hosting dinners on campus in the summer #TextMe
– Doing cool stuff at StartX
– Launch at ‘Disrupt’ in September in SF (yes, you have to fly back to SF)
– Promo your E145 mini company concept at a Hollywood super agent mixer if you have something that disrupts Hollywood in a value-added-Sequel-business manner and method.
– Co-host Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in February with a real supermodel: Larry Chiang. #TextMe
– Host pro athletes there to learn. #DrewBrees #GSB

Get busy googling what my cell phone number is. I want for this nostalgia to get refreshed.

If Texting me is too daunting off a task, come to office hours.

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