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The Bad Ass Entrepreneurship Calculator

by Larry Chiang on January 12, 2016


Hi Larry,

Happy New Year.  We crossed over 500 Bad Ass Advisors and Bad Ass Companies going into 2016 and look forward to continuing to ramp up our matches.  If you’ve been matched, tell us how it going and it you haven’t – it’s either because you don’t have a complete profile or the right opportunity hasn’t yet presented itself. We are now making a match a day.

We are on a mission at Bad Ass Advisors to make it easy to find an bad ass company to advise and to make sure you get compensated fairly. The biggest thing we heard from our advisors, simplify the compensation process further and give us a calculator that tells us what the right equity should be.  That is why we built you a new tool…

The Kulpulator is a compensation calculator that suggests specific equity grants. It is named after our co-collaborator (and one of our Bad Ass Advisors) Ryan Kulp, who built a series of very impressive employee equity calculators that got a lot of attention on ProductHunt. Here is my Medium (link to version hosted on our site) post describing why we did this in greater detail.

We conferred with leading venture capitalists, angel investors, experienced attorneys to build this calculator and all you have to do is put in a few variables and we’ll recommend the right equity grant. For your next Advisor opportunity, try it out and tell me what you think.


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