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The Third Institution of Silicon Valley, Larry Chiang

by Larry Chiang on November 6, 2014

Larry Chiang’s last book launched at a Harvard Law School keynote. As CEO of Duck9, he encourages college student entrepreneurs to get a FICO over 780 so we can all self-fund. Post Harvard Law keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“.

At NY Fashion Week, SXSW and the SuperBowl, you “#CTCFTR”.

By Larry Chiang

Access to Venture Capital money.
Money in the form of loaned money.
It’s all possible once you self-fund with revenue and hack a FICO score over 780 as a sophomore.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The 3 institutions of Silicon Valley #PRPRPI “Legislative, Judicial and Executive”. They check – balance each otter

Well Y-combinator issued a copyright in their free Stanford University class, CS 183b, how to start a startup. They’re the  otter two institutions of Silicon Valley.

Yes “otter”
And this otter headed from San Jose, Calif back to Chicago (John G Shedd’s pool and “aquarium” 🙂
I guess Rupert Murdock was allegedly purportedly young and innovative once. He recently wanted to charge media companies that linked to his media companies content.
Well, YC is headed the way of the dinosaur by asking companies to not copy paste their free content and free business essays. Silicon Valley, never never call Hollywood a dinosaur. Or the music industry. We all become dinosaurs. And your “copyright” posting under #HTSAS is silly
Aside from the fact I shot this “Selfie, no-self”…, I think, “The 3 institutions of Silicon Valley pattern replicate and kinda sorta pattern iterate (#PRPRPI is my li’l attempt at patter recognition, albeit imperfectly) “Legislative, Judicial and Executive”.
They check and balance each otter out”
– Larry Chiang,
Third institution of Silicon Valley.
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ENGR145’s two anchor videos move you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve
Is a bit ly I memorized that links to
CEO of Duck9
Stanford University’s Founding EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)
Duck9 = Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9
c/o UCMS Inc
2021 Midwest Road / 3rd FL
Oak Brook IL
650-283-8008 (cell)
Founder of “What They Don’t Teach at Business School” for CNN iReport:
Author, NY Times Bestseller
“What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School about EUTWMPPM @SXSW” comes out 11-11-14
52 Cards. Two Jokers. What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering
Emergency swings and cutting deals as an 9 year old

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