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Tired of Startup Talk Here on the Farm?

by Larry Chiang on September 28, 2013

By Larry Chiang

If you’re like me, all you see is literature and social media updates and posters about startups

At Arrillaga, they’re starting to call it the Arrillaga Triangle of Entrepreneurship. It’s Arrillaga Sports Center for Rec, Arrillaga Alumni Center AND Arrillaga Family Sports (it’s the building w the full basketball court that’s been converted to cubicles, next to maples wedged by Taube It’s a secret building where our Athletic director sits. Anyway, I’m not going to say enough is enough because we can just ignore it like we ignore the study abroad photo albums on our friends fB feed.


But there is a way that we can splash participate, get the knowledge, get the experience. And then be above it. FOMO is real and intimidates when it comes to startups.

I say
Get in
Get out
Move on.

Get into the startup scene Get out. Move on.


Did I just contradict myself?? A little. You see, I have studied this stuff and I have it boiled down (chemical engineering pun intended!) I have the process of starting startups super well understood.

Me?! I’m the guy that engineered for us undergrads, here at Stanford, 3 legendary internships in a row and two study abroad trips before we co term graduate w masters degree LOL. Hashtag back-door MS in engineering with an Econ undergrad! #Awesome #OneYearOfEngineeringGetAMasters Hashtag hiLarryAss.

Ok, Larry Chiang, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??!?!?!?


We should do a startup and sell it. We should start a startup in two years and sell it in 2.3 years. If you’re an athlete here, you will love this. It. Is. So. Easy.

Stanford athlete undergrad, first

-1- Get a moleskin (like your football playbook binder) but instead of it being on an iPad, go old school NFL and do it on paper.

-2- Start collecting articles These articles will be your playbook.

-3- Set a date 2.0 years from now

-4- News from the future of engr 145 U won’t be doing a startup. You’ll be doing an LCMCC It’s a mini company concept ENGR 145 is an MS&E class

-5- Take MS&E ENGR 145 two summers from now Remember, you’re on scholarship but farkin’ treat this class like u paid $32k… Ok?! Just like a football game against Oregon, you want the first time you take ENGR 145 to be the third time in your mind that you’ve beaten your Oregon assignments Remember. The game is won in the trenches. You pattern recognizing all that game tap helps you pattern iterate your likelihood of winning (and completing your assignments). Your coach and coaching staff help you pattern recognize. IT IS THE EXACT SAME THING YOU WILL BE DOING W ME ERR TOM KOSNIK.

Pattern replication

Pattern iteration

Pattern recognition you delegate to your mentor (me until u get a better mentor. It’s ok!! I want u to come to my blog. Grow. Then go 🙂 Pattern replication (PR Pattern iteration (PI) Pattern recognition. (PR) Is PRPRPI is #PRPRPI Is this video

And this one

-6- Maybe you’ve seen me at MIT I did “Engineering Entrepreneurship Education for People Who Don’t Wanna be Founders” At MIT, they’re sick of startup stuff and entrepreneurshit ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

-7- I’ll email u next steps when you email me Larry (at)

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