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The Bad Signal of First Money In

by Larry Chiang on September 28, 2013

By Larry Chiang

Legendary seed VC and former angel said to me at a party “Larry, your money in would be a horrible signal for first money in”.

His words hurt. Granted I did not understand his “inside baseball” speak, but I’m good at Yahoo searching. Then I read and understood. He is saying that my money invested would not help the pump and dump scheme the Silicon Valley investor ecosystem LOVES. But he’s right. My first money in IS a bad signal.

Here is where I’ll add massive value: last board member added. Think of me as a really tall, really good looking, really nice body (I wish) firefighter running towards the danger. Except that instead of a five story duplex wrought with faulty wiring I’m entering to save… I’m running into your burning startup with exploding VC term-bombs and very much about to die a very quiet cliche death.

For example, Plancast. Goggle it. I cut my teeth running and operating a piece of crap business(es). Lol, yes I started them!! I split dissociatively ran the business with a different persona. What I mean is that founder Larry Chiang is different from operator Larry Chiang

It’s like Tyler Durden.

So, when I’m rescuing your crap startup, it is really me I’m rescuing. Thank you for your adding me to the board after you’ve written your postmortem Btw, you wrote it like a postpartum. Oh. For the board meeting, bring your moleskin and your appetite. I make Freedom Toast right there in the Waterloo Room at 98 San Jacinto.

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