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What a CIA Operative Can Teach a Stanford Entrepreneur

by Larry Chiang on December 22, 2012

By Larry Chiang

I watch spy movies.

Based on my pattern observation and recognition, there are a handful of things secret agents can teach us entrepreneurs.

-1- Practice memorizing long streams of numbers

Let’s practice by memorizing phone numbers. Later we can graduate to credit card numbers. Memorization can be taught. Ask Kevin Trudeau. Ask the guy who wrote “Memory Makes Money”. I forget who wrote that book.

But I do remember my three most recent ex-girlfriends cell numbers

-2- Momentary Singular Focus

It does not matter if the entire island is after you… You must quiet yourself and focus or reading a map and stepwise executing something detailed and routine WHILE UNDER MASSIVE PRESSURE.

As entrepreneurs, we have a million things coming at us. Honing the secret agents ability to be in-the-moment and *FOCUS* is critical to founder success. It is important for us co-founders to avoid pre-mature new business mortality.

-3- Charming Information from Informants

Getting information as entrepreneurs is super important.

I would not go as far as James Bond (panty drop) but would consider Jason Bourne-ing it

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