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How Work, Works Against You People Starting Up

by Larry Chiang on December 13, 2015

By Larry Chiang
I’m an expert in starting. From starting up your credit score to starting up a technical startup, I get it. 
For example, these evergreen Stanford engineering videos. 

Let us peer into my brain as it relates to “How working, works against young people”
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Since the beginning of time, old people have been taking advantage of young people by capturing equity via attrition. No. More.

Myth: Do work for free to ‘get the exposure’

Larry Chiang’s truth: Free work begets more beggars asking you to do free work. Here is the best protocol. “#LCRRM”. Net, net you did free work but cash transacted twice. This signature business recipe #LCRRM, primes the pump. 
Don’t work for free exposure. Work for a fee that you refund. Google #LCRRM. 

Myth: Start working in the mailroom. Because you have to “put your time in”. 

Larry Chiang’s truth: Do an #ExternalAPI 


Myth: We promote from within. So you must start on the groundfloor. 
Larry Chiang’s truth: Look for the side door. It’s where you take a shortcut doing a massive amount of work that has an uncertain return. Think of it as building a ladder that leans up against a building. No. Starting. On. The. Groundfloor. 

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